Saint Véron procession

Legend has it that Saint Véron was the great-grandson of Charlemagne who ran away from home because he was adverse to the idea of marriage. He settled in Lembeek where he attracted attention because of his devoutness and the miracles that were attributed to him, one of them the flowing of a spring with a tap of his stick. The procession which is always held on Easter Monday has been evoking the legend of Saint Véron for over 700 years.


Come 04:00, the ‘reveille’ is sounded on the corners of the Lembeek streets. The reveille is followed by rifle shots, telling the soldiers that it’s time to don themselves for the annual hike along the seven municipal borders.


The casket bearers carry the silver reliquary on their shoulders for 18 km. In their wake, four Royal soldier groups in historical uniforms: the Carabineers, the Cavalry, the armed forces and the Congo Soldiers Club. The procession duly pauses at each chapel, to give the pilgrims a chance to regain their strength with a much-needed gin and snack.

Join the military parade or the procession, take part in one of the many fringe activities and savour the atmosphere of this unique folk festival in Lembeek!